Doing Nothing Retreats are opportunities to join Rani and other participants for a few hours or days in a protected place (usually in a monastery surrounded by nature) for being completely without plan and task.

The rules

Doing Nothing in Retreat means not reading, not speaking, not making phone calls, not listening to music, not meditating formally and, if possible, not thinking too much. Sitting, lying, walking, walking, dozing and sleeping are allowed. It is not about cultivating a particular state, such as being as awake as possible, conscious or open. A certain mental uncertainty and other indefinable conditions are part of it and are welcome.

The frame

1. Silent Being – In the morning and in the evening, we will sit together in one room for one or two hours – a quiet common being. After that, it is free for everyone, where she or she wants to rest, whether alone, in the own room, in the woods or in the large common room.

2. Individual talks with Rani – Rani usually invites every partcipant for an individual meeting, both at the beginning and at the end of a Retreat.

3. Exchange (optional) – Once a day, we offer to exchange with others in a round, otherwise the Retreat will take place in silence.

4. SPACE-Awareness (optional) – It is possible that during a retreat we also offer exercises that train and intensify our presence in the room.

What are the prerequisites for participation? – Doing Nothing is not linked to any particular religion or denomination. It is open to all people equally, irrespective of the faith, origin or world view. Sometimes it is an advantage to have experience with formal meditation practices. But this is not a prerequisite. Those who have been on the spiritual path for a long time are just as welcome to get to know the magical nothingness, like those who have not yet experienced meditation.

What can I expect? – To predict what exactly will happen, would be speculative, because it is a very personal experience. However basically one can say: Pure doing nothing is deeply relaxing. You will become totally speedless and calm. Many participants report that after such a weekend, that the usual everyday life and people around them appeared to be immensely fast and artificial. The senses are also cleansed. Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling is perceived more intensely, as if a gray veil has been removed. Along with the speed certain subtle fears disappear, sometimes forever. Serenity happens. Joy of life happened for no reason. It is nourished by the feeling of being reconnected, with the earth, the universe and with all living creatures.

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