Doing Nothing Retreats are invitations to be completely without doing and without plan, for a few days, in a protected place, surrounded by nature, in groups or alone.

The next Doing Nothing Group Retreat (No. 12) is not clear yet.

Silent Beingness – Being alone with oneself and the current situation is essential for this path. In group retreats we come together only sometimes. Doing Nothing is not a group practice per se. Where you settle down, how long you stay, and when you get up, to go for a walk without intention, is decided by yourself out of the moment. In this way, you can find out how joyful impulses differ from avoidance impulses. Nature supports this flow with its forest, meadows, benches for sitting and paths for walking. Sometimes it is good to stay alone in the room all day or to sit longer in a church. However, during retreats there are no “breaks”. No matter how long or short your Retreat is, it always has only one beginning and only one end. In between there is the sacred time.

What are the rules in a Doing Nothing Retreat? Not reading, not talking, not phoning, not taking pictures, not listening to music, not meditating formally and if possible not thinking too much. Sitting, lying down, walking, dozing and sleeping are welcome.

Meals in group retreats are taken together in silence.

Introduction and one-on-one sessions: Rani offers a detailed introduction to the preparatory practice of Doing Nothing (Three Steps into Nothing) at the beginning of a retreat. She also conducts one-on-one sessions with each participant on the first and last day of each retreat.

Participation Requirements: Doing Nothing is not affiliated with any religion or organization.  It is open to all people, regardless of faith, background or worldview. For those who have been familiar with meditation practice for a long time, this concept- and formless practice is particularly interesting. However, having already meditation experience is not a prerequisite. Those who have been on the spiritual path for a long time can feel just as invited as someone, who has no experience at all.

What to expect –  Pure not doing has a healing and strongly decelerating effect. The senses become clearer and brighter – seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling. Intuition awakens. Along with speed, subtle fears disappear, sometimes forever. Serenity happens, groundless joy of life happens. It is nourished by the feeling of reconnecting – with oneself, the earth, the universe and all living beings.

Should I be afraid to get involved? There have been participants who came to the retreat with fears. Without exception, all of them laughed about it afterwards. One participant was very connected to his iPhone and was afraid that he would not “survive” without his cell phone. He learned that this fear was just an idea and nothing real. Another participant thought it would be quite terrible for them to be silent for so long because she liked to talk a lot. She also laughed about it afterwards and took away how nice it can be to be silent. Another participant thought it would be mega difficult to do nothing at all, and she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to keep it up. She did not find this to be true either and was happy to experience that being without something to do is something she could love.

Pricing: Varies from place to place. 4-day retreats currently cost between 270 and 350 euros.