Rani Kaluza was born in 1959, studied free painting in Cologne. Writer, dressmaker, painter.

Her spiritual path began in 1976 with a book on Zen. In 1988 she met Tibetan Buddhism and the Shambhala group around Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Intensive meditation practices and retreats followed, including a two-year stay in the USA. In 2001 she met the Advaita teacher Samarpan Golden, who accompanied her for another 12 years as a spiritual guide. Since 2013 Rani Kaluza has been following her own spiritual path.

“Only the simple, unintentional Being here, in connection with giving up of the search itself, convinced me in the end that the fundamental nature of this universe is love and consciousness, and that this nature breathes throught everything in a most wonderful way.”