Rani Kaluza was born in 1959. She studied Art in Cologne. Today she works as writer, dressmaker and spiritual guide.

Raised as a Christian, her spiritual search led her early to Buddhism and the Shambhala Group around Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Intensive meditation practice followed, including a two-year stay at a retreat center in the USA. Later her meditative life led her to Advaita, to Samarpan, to Gangaji, to Ramana Maharshi in India – in the end bringing her back to her Christian roots: the wisdom of the mystics. The path of Doing Nothing is the fruit and the quintessence of this long journey.

“Only the simple, unintentional Being Here, in connection with giving up of the search itself, convinced me in the end, that the fundamental nature of this universe is love and consciousness, and that this nature breathes through everything in the most awesome way.”

Since 2014 Rani offers Doing Nothing Retreats. She also accompanies and advises people personally on their own spiritual path.

More about Ranis first book (2007) “Der Wind und die Gardine” (The Wind and the Curtain)

Ranis second book about Samarpan (2013): Biography about Samarpan

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