sacred time

“Life is like a very shy, fearsome animal.
When I go towards it, it runs away hiding.
When I shout at it to come out, it will not come.
When I figure out ways to trapp or to capture it, it remains hidden.
When I perform the most beautiful dances in order to impress and seduce it, it will not be seen.
Only when I be here, silently, doing nothing,
nothing to convince it,
nothing to pull,
nothing to manipulate,
it will slowly slowly come out and reveal itself,
and finally I will be lying in its arms like a child and contrariwise.“

To be completely unintentional for a while, not knowing the meaning and purpose. Just listen, see, feel, sense. Inside and outside. The momentary state of the body, the temper, the mind, and the atmosphere of the room, in which one sits or lies and where nothing happens.

Doing nothing.

Effortless, without having to impress anyone, sitting on a chair, a bench, a meditation cushion, on top of the hillside of a forest, down on a stone on the shores of a lake, or half lying on the couch in the living room with a view of the garden or in the sky.

Sometimes it’s good to straighten your back. Sitting up straight is like a plant aligning to the sun. It has an ordering and clarifying effect internally. But find out for yourself, how your thoughts and feelings change when you sit upright.

Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, it happens on its own, you do not need to do anything about it – the ticking of a clock, the sound of the wind outside in the trees, the delicate layer of dust on a vase, light that shines on the leaves of a plant, the feeling of sadness in the area of ​​the belly.

One can consecrate the idleness daily for a few minutes or get involved for a longer time, for an hour, for a day. You can also retire to a secluded place for a few days and have a rest in it. However, every minute is precious. You never waste your time – on the contrary – you bless it. You never waste your time while doing nothing.

To know nothing, having no idea. Having neither a role to play, nor to follow any instructions, no goal to meditate apon. Only that, what is here now, welcoming, perceiving, honoring.

“A pretty woman is sitting alone at a table. From time to time she looks out of the window, where it rains, then lets her keen gaze wander around unintentionally. There’s no cell phone or book on the table in front of her. Only a cup of coffee. From time to time, she takes the cup in her hand, takes a sip, and then puts it down again.”

It’s a special way to connect with life – with the all-pervading spirit of life.

Perceiving and not avoiding or improving anything. By this alone, your being can remember itself to its original, untouched dignity and splendor.

As it is in this moment, just as you find yourself inwardly, so it is perfect. You may feel tired, restless, empty, tense, weak, insecure, angry, loving or anxious – all these states, all these feelings are welcome and have the permission to be there without fear of being judged. You can ask yourself: How am I, how do I feel, who or what do I find when I close my eyes and feel inside me? And you can answer this question completely honest. Because everything is perfect, good and may be, as it is, in the time of doing nothing (and of course, otherwise).

When you deal with yourself in this way, you are like a sun that shines with its warming light on everything you turn towards it.

Sitting and noticing how thoughts come and go. Feeling how the hands touch the fabric of the clothing or the armrest of the chair, which is cool and smooth. Listen, as in the neighboring apartment a telephone quietly rings and someone plays piano on another floor. Be touched by the playing. At some point it gets quieter in the house. And you sit in the middle of this silence. Nothing happens. A true person who is just there.

“Especially when I stayed in that quiet state for a long time, at some point I did not feel like a person sitting alone in her room, but like a quiet thing among other quiet things – like a resting animal among other resting animals .”

In the beginning, one perceives silence especially in the absence of noise. In an empty church, in a remote valley, in the desert, somewhere in the mountains or in the middle of a lake.

“One night I stayed in a secluded mountain village. It was wonderfully quiet and I fell asleep in a very soulful way. In the middle of the night, I actually woke up to the loud sounds of woodworms eating their way through an old cupboard.”

If you admit yourself for a long time to doing nothing, sooner or later you will get to know another silence. A spacious, deep silence – more like a presence felt. This silence is everywhere, in every rockfold, in every leaf, under every stone, in the clouds, in the puddles, in the shells, in the hair, in the thoughts and in the space between the thoughts. It permeates everything, is indestructible, and even present in a booming noise.

Especially when one leaves oneself to nothing with a whole heart, one invites this silence inevitably to oneself. And eventually it will happen that one is touched by her.

“I sat there, alone, quiet, for hours, and it was like arriving for the first time in my life.”
©Rani Kaluza

A Quote by Franz Kafka:

“You don´t have to leave your room.
Just stay sitting at your table and listen.
You don´t even have to listen, just wait.
You don´t even have to wait, just learn to become quiet and still and for yourself.
The world will bountiful present itself, in order to be unmask. She cannot do anything other, she will roll in exstasy at your feet.”

Doing Nothing means to allow openess